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Free Self-Editing Checklist

The basic steps to take you from crippling self-doubt after finishing your first draft to feeling confident about your ready-to-publish manuscript.

Self-Editing from Big to Small is a Game-Changer

One of the biggest mistakes I see writers make when self-editing is focusing on details too quickly.

This leads to a lot of frustration because of the time they've invested in their writing. After hours of fixing typos and beautifying sentences, horror strikes when it turns out one of those sentences or even an entire paragraph needs to go.

It's like a painter who makes a basic sketch, then zooms all the way in to make sure the lines are perfectly straight only to realise when he takes a step back that the line is in the wrong place.

That's why ignoring details at first will help you enjoy self-editing more and improve your writing: you won't set yourself up for disappointment if you ensure the big picture makes sense before colouring it in. 

This simple change that will make a massive difference to the quality of your edits. The reason I'm giving it away for free is that I want you to experience how much of a difference tiny changes to your approach can make to your experience and the results you get when self-editing.

So grab your copy of the Self-Editing Checklist right now, and instantly improve your self-editing game!

The free Self-Editing Checklist will help you:

  • Self-edit strategically instead of winging it and hoping for the best

  • Know when to take a break for optimal results

  • Feel confident you're moving in the right direction as you self-edit

  • Go from big to small when looking for issues that need improving

  • Trust the process and combat overwhelm

Miriam Maddock.jpg

Miriam A. Maddock,
Fantasy Writer

Elzevera's Self-Editing checklist helps you to be more meticulous about your editing, making sure you don't forget those little things. Self-editing can be long and tedious, however, I enjoy it. I know, I must be weird! But, by taking on board Elzevera's on-line tips, as well as referring to her checklist, you feel you're getting it 'right' and it's also a great confidence booster.

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