Take control of your novel in
3 months

Self-Editing Coaching

Are you a fantasy or YA writer and do you recognize yourself in the following?

  • You're overwhelmed by everything that needs to happen before your book is publish-ready, and you're not sure you'll ever get to the finish line.

  • You're afraid to invest in guidance, because you desperately need your money for an editor down the line.

  • You have a hard time trusting in the process: a little voice in your head keeps telling you 'No one will want to read this' and you're afraid of missing important steps.

  • You feel like you're always behind and never doing enough, but you're not sure what to prioritize.

  • You're head over heels in love with your story and know there's a market for it, but you're discovering that publishing a book takes more skill than putting words on a page and you have a lot to learn still.

  • You constantly have ideas for new books and projects you want to pursue, but you're unable to see any of them through to the end.

  • You're used to doing everything by yourself, but secretly wish someone would look over your shoulder and point you in the right direction.


How incredible would it be if...

  • You had a publish-ready manuscript within the next 9 months?

  • You started to enjoy self-editing, instead of dreading it?

  • You felt in control of the quality of your writing?

  • You experienced inner peace, no matter where you were in the writing process?

  • You had a clear checklist of which steps to take when and in which order?

  • You had someone beside you with years of experience to answer all your questions and take away your insecurities?

  • You finally experienced the thrill of holding a hard copy of your book, knowing you did everything you could to make it as good as it can possibly be?


Only you can control your future.

- Dr. Seuss


After completing this program:

  • You have a clear, actionable path towards publication.

  • You know how to showcase your personal writing voice and writing style.

  • You have tools to avoid frustration and combat self-doubt so you can keep moving forward towards publication.  

  • You know what to do and when to make your manuscript shine, and even enjoy self-editing your writing.

  • You won't be afraid of missing anything important during revisions.

  • You know you've done all you can to fulfil your novel's full potential as well as your own.

  • You experience control and satisfaction when thinking about your book and the steps ahead.