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Free Self-Editing Community

Join out online writers’ community to feel supported and celebrated throughout the rollercoaster ride that is self-editing.

What if meeting other writers were easy?

Maybe you've been wanting to connect with other writers for a while, but you didn't want to join a local face-to-face club because the idea alone leaves you feeling exhausted. Or you're fine with socialising, but you want to go at your own pace and observe a little first.

Enter the Under the Willow community: a place to get to know writers who are in the same boat as you without all the hassle and drained energy that come with real-life interactions.

When I started writing, finding an online community where I felt at home was a game-changer for me. A place to ask questions and share experiences about writing, but also to talk about pets and celebrity crushes. It's what led me to love editing and self-editing, and ultimately what led to Willow Editing.

So let me help you now: let's connect Under the Willow!

Here's where you sign up:


And this is what the inside looks like


The free community will give you:

  • A place to work through self-editing struggles

  • A way to organically develop your characters by posting from their POV

  • A safe space without judgement or obligations

  • A way to find beta readers

  • A way to set goals and stay accountable

And last, but not least: 

  • Peace of mind, knowing you are not alone or weird for feeling what you feel

What members are saying

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I stumbled on under the willow through a fellow writer friend, at just the right time! This community is so encouraging and positive and filled with like minded creatives dedicated to getting better at the craft of storytelling. It doesn’t feel like networking, it feels like making friends 💕

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With the pressures of ordinary life, it's not easy to find the time or space to meet other writers in person. Under the Willow is a growing online forum of international writers, where you can test your ideas and express your frustration when your characters won't behave or a cyclone tore your manuscript to pieces. It's good to know you're not alone.