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Once you’ve self-edited your manuscript, it’s time for a pair of trained eyes to look at your writing. I help you take the quality of your book to the next level by enhancing and strengthening your unique voice and style.

Transparent communication

Before we start working together, we’ll get clear on all the steps and expectations from both sides. Contact me if you’d like to schedule a video call for more information.


Psychology behind the words

Thanks to my background in both psychology and editing, I’m able to look beyond the words and pinpoint ways to improve your writing you may not have considered.

No unexpected fees

You’ll receive a price quote including 21% VAT tax and stipulating the amounts due upfront (25%) and due once you’re satisfied with your fully edited project (75%).

Reach your writing goals

Professional editing will help you make your writing dreams become a reality by lifting the quality of your writing to the next level and helping you grow as a writer in the process.

You control the final edit

Track Changes in Microsoft Word ensures you’re aware of every change I make in your manuscript. You decide which changes and suggestions to enforce and which to ignore.

Clear turnaround time

We decide on a deadline together, and you can expect me to stick to that deadline. No endless waiting until your manuscript is in your own hands again.

I was excited to work with Elzevera! I was interested to see what she would say about my work and I was very impressed with her comments and feedback! She went above and beyond to help me improve my work, and to show me the strengths in my work and the places where I need to improve, and she showed me how to strengthen those areas. I have taken everything she has said on board and I will be referring back to it when I self-edit my writing in the future. Elzevera is such a nice person and very friendly and approachable, and a top-class editor!! I was very impressed by her, and I would definitely work with her again! I would highly recommend her to any writer seeking a good editor, or any writer who struggles with editing. She has shown me that editing can be enjoyable, and I really appreciate that. I look at editing with a more positive mindset now. She has helped me in more ways than just improving my writing, she has also helped me build confidence around editing my own work. Cannot recommend enough!!!

Helena Brady

I am an avid follower of Elzevera on Instagram, as I find her advice informative. Also, she has a certain way of engaging with listeners when posting her videos. You’re drawn in by her friendliness, and there’s nothing false about her. You can tell she wants to help those who genuinely want to be helped. She recently did a sample edit for me, and I have to admit, it opened my eyes, making me “see” so much more in my work. Any advice I catch from her on Instagram, is taken on board. I have suggested to other writers to follow her, for her tips and advice. If and when I am in a position to hire a professional editor, I would not hesitate to call on Elzevera’s services. 🙂

I worked with Elzevera during the publishing process of my very first book. She was very helpful and attentive as she guided me through my first steps within the editing world. Having someone to provide me with constructive feedback was invaluable. Her comments to improve my first draft were on point, giving me tips to improve the structure, making sure the content was clear to an outsider and also enjoyable to read! Even though I use English every day, Elzevera also corrected all the grammar mistakes that I could not detect. In this process, she made sure she understood what I meant and worked around to respect my author’s voice. I feel very lucky that I have come across her to edit my first draft. Beyond the technical writing help, she was of great support. I would definitely work with her again on future projects.

If you are thinking about publishing, I would definitely recommend her services for the editing or the development of your story. You may not feel that you need it, but once you see her work you will be glad you got in touch!

Orlande Bidaux

non-fiction writer

willow editing's specialities

When you hire a professional editor, you want to make sure your money is well spent. You don’t want someone who knows nothing about your genre to dive in head-first and hope for the best. When your editor makes suggestions, you want to be able to rely on underlying expertise.

Willow Editing specialises in fantasy, YA and children’s fiction and non-fiction. 

Get a sample edit

To get a feel for how I work, and to discover if my editing style is right for you, I encourage you to get a sample edit before hiring me.

A sample edit costs $25, but if you’re happy with my work and decide to hire me, I’ll subtract the amount from the invoice so it becomes free.

developmental editing

The developmental edit is all about the big picture. Once you’ve gotten to know your characters and your world on a deep level and have made as many improvements to your first draft as you can through self-editing, I’m here to help you take your big picture edit to the next level.

line editing

The line edit is all about making sure your writing expresses what you want it to. Giving characters their true, authentic voices. Making your world come alive. Immersing your reader in the story with all of their senses. It’s also about the more technical aspect of writing: spelling, grammar and sentence flow. Once you’ve done what you can to make your characters sound like themselves and to eliminate clunky sentences, I’m here to help you polish your manuscript until it shines like a gemstone. 

Choose your weapon

Prices don’t include 21% VAT. 

Developmental Editing

$ 0,04 Word
  • Plot
  • Structure
  • Character development
  • World-building
  • Timing/pace


$ 0,045 Word
  • Character voice
  • Richness of the world
  • Show vs tell
  • Writing style & flow
  • Spelling & grammar

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