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Self-Editing Success

Save time and money with this complete roadmap to self-editing your novel without overwhelm

Can you relate to any of this?

  • You've sent your manuscript to agents only to be turned down with no clear feedback, or you've self-published your novel, but you feel like you should have done more.

  • You've applied for programs like Pitch Wars and Author Mentor Match, but you weren't selected.

  • You get that self-editing is important, but don't see how to actually do it in a way that improves your writing.

  • You always feel you should do more while at the same time wondering if it's worth continuing—what if all this is a waste of time?

  • You feel like hiding whenever friends or family members ask you how the writing is going because you lack confidence in your project.


Are you looking for a way to...

  • Show your husband and your mother-in-law that you're nailing this writing thing?

  • Stop doubting yourself and start making progress?

  • Feel confident you're headed in the right direction and are doing what's needed to publish your novel?

  • Know which steps to take at which time to really see your writing improve as you self-edit?

  • Stop feeling guilty about everything surrounding your WIP and know that you're enough?

"If you get stuck, draw with a different pen. Change your tools; it may free your thinking."

Paul Arden

After taking this mini-course, you'll: 

  • Know what to focus on and when to make sure the time you spend editing leads to improvements.

  • Feel in control: you'll know what it takes to get your manuscript publish-ready.

  • No longer feel guilty taking breaks because you'll know how to make them serve your book.

  • Have the tools to overcome self-editing overwhelm and actually make the process fun.

  • Have an actionable plan to tackle your revisions in a way that'll get you results.

  • Know how and when to take advantage of outside help to make your book as good as you can make it.

  • Feel good about your current draft and see that it has potential.

Image by Pierre Bamin

What does the Self-Editing Success mini-course entail?



A complete overview of the entire self-editing process in clear stages.



Tips to help you overcome overwhelm, self-doubt and Imposter Syndrome.



Tools to feel and stay in control of the self-editing process and your WIP.

Golden Parchment


Clear instructions on what not to do to ensure self-editing success.

You get all of this for just $47--the equivalent of a fancy lunch.

More than 50 others are already experiencing the rewards of setting themselves up for self-editing success, will you join them?


Hi there, I'm Elzevera.

As self-editing coach, it's my mission to help fiction writers thoroughly edit their manuscript and make it publish-ready without overwhelm.​

When I started working with clients as a professional editor after completing my MA in editing, I discovered the vast majority of writers despise editing. After feeling sad and frustrated about this because I knew how important self-editing is to fulfil a story's full potential and because I love it so much myself, I realised I was in a perfect position to help writers make the most of the self-editing stage.

That's why I've created online courses that provide the guidance and support you need to really nail the self-editing process and finally make your dream of publishing your book come true.

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